About Xtreme grease and TrustLube

Heavy duty lubricant

Xtreme grease offers high-quality lubricants for use under extreme conditions. All over the world, industrial users rely on our proven successful lubricants to increase machine uptime and maximise the lifetime of their equipment. There’s a type of Xtreme grease for every industrial application: from mining and maritime, to steel, food and wind. Xtreme grease is a product of TrustLube, an expert in the field of automatic lubrication systems.



Xtreme Grease and Trustlube

Xtreme Grease is Trustlube's product line. As lubrication experts TrustLube designs, produces and installs automatic lubrication systems. Fully customized. Our products apply the correct amount of lubricant. Without missing a millimeter. And we digitally monitor all systems. This way we provide real-time insight. We serve companies in the maritime sector, the food and production industry and the mining industry. Our innovative solutions minimize wear, ensure maximum uptime and perform under the most extreme conditions