TrustLube Lubricants

TrustLube® - TrustLube Lubricants is a modern high performance product, suitable for extreme heavy industrial applications. Its extreme loading capacity and consistency make this product the first choice for marine applications with equipment under extreme load. In spite of the high viscosity of the base oil, the grease can easily be pumped by TrustLube® systems.

TrustLube Lubricants 

The functional thickener in TrustLube® - TrustLube Lubricants gives the product extreme loading capacity, making it suitable for heavy load applications. The grease has excellent mechanical stability, excellent corrosion protection and water resistance, essential in wet and corrosive environments.

How does it work? 

Air pressure drives the plunger in the pneumatic motor. The plunger pumps the lubricant through the cylinder and check valve to the pump outlet. The pump is operated by an electric air valve, that pressurizes the pump cylinder. When the pump is depressurized, a compression spring returns the plunger to its starting position and re-fills the pump outlets with a specified amount of lubricant.

The pump itself is connected to two main supply lines by a switching valve. In the first cycle, the lubricant is pumped through main supply line 1. The main supply line supplies lubricant to the metering devices.

The plungers in the lubrication devices are forced to their set end positions, thus dispensing an exact metered quantity of lubricant. As soon as all the metering devices have dispensed lubricant to the lubrication points, the system is hydraulically closed, causing the pressure in main supply line 1 to rise.

The system controller now turns off the pump and switches the switching valve to main supply line 2. Now the second cycle starts, identical to the first, but making use of main supply line 2. After the cycle has been completed, the system switches back to main supply line 1.

Features and Benefits 

TrustLube electric pump systems ensure a constant and reliable supply of lubricant to the lubrication units. A central pump, the smart system controller and metering equipment work together to supply clean lubricant to your lubrication points at the right time.

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